At Rhino we provide specialised Traineeships in all areas of the construction industry all the way to business soft skills, such as Customer Service & Team Leading.

What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a UK Government funded training programme aimed at candidates aged between 16 – 24. Its primary objective is to give young people a high quality work placement with progressive employers and provide an English & Maths qualifications where required.

Traineeships help build a young person’s confidence and experience as they contribute during the work placement section of the programme. Employer’s confidence in the young person also increases as they see the young person gain the new skills the employer requires while taking part on the work placement. For more details, please contact us…


For Learners

If you are aged between 16 – 24 and are not already on an Apprenticeship or hold a Level 2 qualification, you can apply to take part on a Traineeship programme.

By taking part on a Traineeship you will:

  • Have an opportunity to gain experience and new skills in a work sector of your choice
  • Gain an English & Maths qualification
  • Showcase your ability and commitment to a prospective employer during a work experience programme

A Traineeship is ideal for you if you are determined to find a job but don’t yet have the work place experience employers often want.

When you complete your Traineeship some employers go on to offer candidates a job or an Apprenticeship. If there are no such opportunities available we will help you update your CV and signpost you to other suitable employers who have positions available.

For Employers

Attracting and retaining new staff with the skills set that business requires is no easy task and Traineeships offer employers a new avenue for achieving this.

As the employer you will be asked to provide each candidate with 100 hours of work experience. This enables employers to assess the capabilities and attitude of a candidate in their own working environment, before having the opportunity to offer the young person a permanent job or Apprenticeship.

Employers are increasingly finding that, grateful for the opportunity they have provided to candidates on Traineeships, they help create a pool of new dedicated and skilled workers for your business, all supported through funding provided by Government.